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Technical Aspect for Hospitality Rugs

Hotel rugs or villa rugs :

This segment is highly sensitive which require technically some of the aspects which have to be adopted.

Mostly in case of hospitality projects we are being asked for the foot traffic on rugs, fire retardant / flame retardant treated rugs, moth proofing and such other technical terms which are not required in case of rugs used for home etc.

The foot traffic depends on the kind of raw material which should be used in making the rug. So do not just go with the rug, also see the quality of wool or other yarn, as per the demand, before you decide for the rugs.

Foot traffic in case of residential rugs is not much important for the reason that you have limited one in your house, but when we talk for the projects of hotels, banquet halls, villas, lobby, and such other places, where the number of foot stepping, per day are more than the normal. In some cases where the rugs are laid in hotel rooms, the foot traffic is considered medium / medium low, because the stepping on rugs are not high.

We get our product check with the authorized government institute who specifies that of which standard the rugs are of, whether rugs are for high traffic? Whether rugs are for medium traffic or whether the rugs are for low traffic.

Regarding fire retardant /flame retardant, we have some chemicals which are treated on the rugs to make them flame retardant /fire retardant. There are different kinds of codes allocated for fire retardant rugs. We have passed FIRST CLASS TEST, in case of rugs treated with FIRE RETARDANT.

Moth proofing on rugs are done, when asked for, as every added feature in rugs costs.

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