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Quality of Custom Rugs and Custom Carpets

Quality of custom made rugs : At last it is decided which quality of custom rug you need. Whether you need an hand knotted rugs or hand tufted rugs, both have some qualities to determine. This means the density of rugs.

When someone asks for the quality of handmade rugs, that means different terms in view of differnet types of rugs. In case of hand knotted rugs the qualities are termed as 9/45 quality, 10/50, 10/52, 11/55, 12/60, 13/65, 14/70 onwards, some also calls these as 9/9, 10/10/, 11/11, 12/12, 13/13, 14/14 onwards. However in case of Indo-Tibetan hand knotted pattern, the qualities are termed as per knots. These are called 45 knots, 60 knots, 80 knots, 100 knots, 150 knots and 200 knots. Both these are hand knotted, but are different in sense of pattern of weaving. If the design is moderate and not too much complicated we suggest not to go with the higher knots and increase the cost.

In case of hand tufted rugs the quality is mainly determined with the yarn consumed per square meters or say per square yard.

In case of handloom rugs or flat woven rugs /dhurries, the quality is determined with the closeness of warping, again you can say the density.

Rugs after being made are packed finally.

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