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What are custom rugs & custom carpets?

A simple question which comes at one shot is what are custom rugs and custom carpets?

Take in broad terms that when some rug/carpet is made as per your design, color, and sizes, they are called custom rugs or custom carpets. This means that something is made as per your taste.

We manufacture custom Handmade Rugs and Bespoke Carpets on 2 patterns :

  1. Custom rugs for individual clients, which covers residential apartment rugs and carpets, rugs required for villas etc.
  2. Custom rugs and carpets for hotels, which covers custom rugs for banquet halls, rugs for hotel rooms, beach resorts etc.

What we need from your side are the Designs, and colors for your desired custom modern contemporary rugs and custom carpets. See an example of how after given a design a rug is made.

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